35% off for Email verification! Why do you need it?

We are SaaS service company Proofy.io — bulk email verification service, working on the global market.

Our unique algorithm will clear the email list of undeliverable emails, bonuses, catch-ball emails, save the reputation of the domain and the mailbox. Easier to explain why this is necessary:

As you all know, we all have a sender reputation associated with our sender IP address, and if a sharp bonus happens multiple times, it affects our sender reputation. When this happens, at best: your mail will not arrive in your Inbox, at worst: email providers will blacklist your IP or domain and it is not suitable for business.

We were ready to provide the tool technically but not morally.The reason was simple – when you give unlimited freedom in the SAAS service to non-professionals and people who want to hack your service, they normally create shitty-looking emails and gibberish signups.So we took almost a year trying to locate the solution – and finally found it.We called it a powerful email validation algorithmGo and take a look by yourself: https://Proofy.io/ and vote if you like it.It is completely free to try. You need to pay only and when you love what you’ve done.Enjoy promo code —R18HE27T35P1 — and save 35%

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Written by bashmakclub