March 4, 2021

Do you know that Remembear Password Manager has saved My day

Oh my god, I’ve been locked for trying to log in my account so many times

I really can not remember what my password is

I’ve written my password and username to my notebook and I keep it in my bookshelf. 

The other day I put my notebook to my backpack, and I go on a vacation. On that trip, I crush it with the water and it completely damaged, and can not be restored.

Oh My god!

All of my important things in there was erased.

There was my big mistake.

Why that thing could happen to me like that.

After that, I can not login to any account. I’ve tried a lot and then I’ve been locked. 

It’s the bad thing ever had.

I’ve asked a lot of people to restore my account. There is the only way to repair it, just reset the password. But if I can not to remember my password for my email account, what do I do now??

Lost password again

Someone has told me that they have thousands of online accounts, but they do not lose anything. How could that be? How can they do that?

They show me how to use the password manager to save all password, username to the online pocket to utilize for the next logins.

Lucky, After that mistake, I’ve found the password manager tool “Remembear” from Tunnel Bear. It is quite useful to me

Now I think, I’ve never lot the passwords again.

Thank to the password manager.

Remembear is my friend now.

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